Pets Have An Eye For Detail

perfect-arrangementI’ve been apartment mystery shopping for five years and Maxwell the Power Cat has definitely shown an interest in all the detail of the shops and reporting. He has a keen eye for details and enjoys editing my work before I submit it.

Max has been thinking about apartment shopping for humans and his wild imagination has taken on the challenge of how felines feel in regard to furnishing “their” apartments. He’s somewhat concerned about how soft the sofas, chairs and beds are for his soft, clean white paws; this power cat has now given consideration to his own furnishings and the comfort and convenience they provide.

Why just the other day he told me that his “condo” not only has to be luxurious but it has to be placed in an exact spot for maximum and desired use. The “condo” as it is called is a two-story feline residence with the first floor having an inside area for napping and hiding; the second floor is a perch for spotting prey or anything else moving.

His next concern is the placement of his “cheesy play pen”, that appears to be a one of a kind I found in a pet store. It consists of a carpeted inner and outer covering in the shape of a piece of cheese with holes and everything; he can hide inside or sit on top to observe whatever. Yes, it even has hanging toys with bells inside to amuse him, if he chooses to be amused. The size of the area is crucial and after careful measurement, he has given his approval of the location adjacent to a sofa.

At times, he paw-ses and reflects on life, death, infinity and when his next meal will be served. I received his request for special attention to the location of his litter box; it must be in an area with little or no foot traffic for the utmost privacy when he visits to do his business. Not only is the area important, but the appointments are crucial; this includes the type of litter furnished for his use as well as the selection of a scooper and air freshener. I have presented him with various choices and he is giving this issue some thought.

There is so much more to tell you, but once again its nap time for “sweetie boy” my tuxedo cat that keeps things running smoothly. There’s a meow for everything and everything that happens is the result of a meow.