Time flies and so does your money. Why not make more? Apartment Mystery Shopping is the Answer!

Phone is ringing. New texts incoming. Aunt Rhonda says she is going to make it for Holiday dinner after all. Jake is bringing home his new significant other from college. You didn’t order enough groceries and you now need additional gifts under the tree. Things are getting hectic! It’s the holiday season. Unexpected expenses are going to happen. We are here to help!

Apartment mystery shopping is a convenient way to get paid while you are completing your holiday tasks! Just like you can outline stores and shopping areas you could at the same time look at what shops are available in the same area. Register at epmsonline.com with a quick and easy 2-minute registration process. Then begin searching what’s available in your area. You choose what works for you.

Going to pick up a curbside order at 3PM? Great! You could have time to call and visit an apartment community nearby before heading to the pickup location. Heading out for last minute gifts? Take time to see if above and/or by the retail area there are apartment mystery shops available. There are many shops available that allow same day call and visit!

Shops that are completed and accepted by Ellis as of the 7th of any month will be paid by ACH on approximately the 22nd of the same month.  Pay off your Christmas credit card or store card spending in time to use those coupons for January sales!

Remember that the holidays shouldn’t be stressful, so have some fun and make some money instead of spending it. Apartment mystery shops are available and waiting for you! You can search by type of shop, base pay of shop, bonus pay of shop and distance from you on our data base after your quick, easy registration.

Most shops require a call and a visit. See the shop instructions and the specific instructions for additional details. If you have questions, we are here to help! Just click on the white envelope and send one of our team members a message. They will respond to you.

Once you complete the call and visit, there is an online report to be completed. You will upload your back up documentation (e.g., business card, floor plan, fee sheet) as well. After that, you wait for acceptance and then your pay day!

Apartment mystery shopping is flexible and offers you an opportunity to make extra cash without committing to something long term. This is a great way to help finance holiday festivities on your terms. Happy (apartment) shopping!