Be Careful Who You Take With You

mystery shopper and guestWhen taking a guest with you on a shop, be careful who you take. Taking the wrong guest can blow your cover, distract you, or not allow you to take control of your own shop. A first time guest should always be warned of how mystery shopping works.

I tell my guest to just follow my lead by allowing me to ask all the questions that are needed and to let me order a meal first, especially if it is a food shop. I then give them a nod when it is time for them to order or ask whatever questions they may have.

Once they understand what is going on then they become what I consider “Professional Guests”. They know what to do and they understand my lead. I always have 2 to 3 people that I call on when I need a guest. I have someone my age, someone older, and someone significantly younger for those 21 to 28 year old shops. And let me not forget my 13 year old who is good for those underage video shops.

My Professional Guests are now just as good as I am as far as what to look out for, they just don’t have to do the reports. Train your guest well and they can be a great help in times when you have to..well..take a potty break!! Happy Shopping.