Mystery shopping and Etiquette

Respond quickly and personallyI opened my email message from Scheduler Jane Doe at ABC Market Research expecting to see an offer of a new mystery shop. Instead I was hit in the face with words about an old one. The words were not critical, just cold, but my defenses still came to full alert and my day was off to a rocky start.

I cannot fault Jane for the stance of her prose. She is of the age of the text message. Neither can I accept blame for my reaction to it. I am of the age of the hand written thank you note. I, for one, would like to find the middle ground between the two.

As mystery shoppers we are alert to the niceties of proper etiquette. Shops require it. We are asked for comments about how we are greeted and if we are thanked and offered a pleasant parting remark.

If I were to meet Jane in person, or speak with her on the phone, I’m sure she would have a bright smile and friendly demeanor. However, we are not often granted that privilege.

In the mystery shopping business, the relationships we have with our partners are only colored by our words. There are a couple of those words I find especially useful; Hello and Thanks. They are small, just a few key strokes, but oh so powerful. I know I feel more inclined to go above and beyond when that ‘personal’ relationship is established.

Our clients expect their employees to conduct themselves with decorum. Wouldn’t it be great if we could learn to treat each other with the same degree of kindness?

Thanks for your time.