Apartment Mystery Shopping in the Sunshine State!

Are you fortunate enough to be a resident of the great state of Florida?  Or will your travel plans take you there this summer?  With its beautiful beaches, natural springs, and world-famous tourist attractions, the state of Florida holds appeal for everyone! 

Florida is enjoying a tremendous influx of new residents moving in from other parts of the country.  “Snow birds” have long visited Florida in the winter months to escape the cold in northern states.

This makes the state a thriving market in the apartment industry!

The services provided by Ellis Mystery Shoppers can help ensure that everyone gets a great leasing experience at an apartment community. Ellis Mystery Shoppers evaluate the customer service provided in the leasing presentation at selected apartment communities.  Shoppers give feedback that is priceless to our clients, as their perception of the experience reflects what would have been the experience of a real prospect under the same circumstances. 

Are you traveling to Florida on vacation this summer?  Perhaps you could spare a bit of time to shop an apartment community.  If you are visiting the world-famous beaches of the Gulf Coast, we have shopping opportunities available in Panama City, Tampa, and Naples.  If your family is traveling to Disney, we have lots of shops in the Orlando, Kissimmee and Daytona Beach areas.  If you are driving south to embark on a cruise, we have lots of shops available in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area.  You could earn a bit spending money while only taking a little bit of time out of your vacation.

If you live in the area and are interested in plotting out a road trip of multiple shops, we can help with that!  Please email [email protected] and our team will see what is available near you.

Regardless of your reason for visiting Florida, you will find lots of sunshine and happiness!  Burt Reynolds once said, “Florida is a very healing place!”  We could not agree more!  We wish you safe travels and happy memories in the Sunshine State!