Rejection Hurts!  How to GET your report Accepted!

There is no doubt that rejection hurts!  Studies show that feelings of rejection and the experience of physical pain are both felt in the same area of the brain.  We hope that our mystery shops are enjoyable to complete and bring the satisfaction of a job well done.  We never enjoy notifying a shopper that a shopping report they have submitted is being rejected.  Here are some ways to ensure your shopping report is accepted so that our client can use it and you can be paid.

  • Read all the way through the instructions for your shop before you begin.  Some shops include specific days of the week to shop.  Many shops have a “target agent” you must speak with, or an agent you are requested not to shop.  Some shops require that a specific scenario be used, or a question asked. 

  • Listen carefully to the telephone greeting when the phone is answered.  If the greeting does not match the name of the property, reach out to us before proceeding with the visit.  We will be happy to make sure you have reached the correct community.

  • When you arrive at the community, double check the exact name of the community and the address to make sure it matches your shop instructions.  Different properties may have very similar names and differ only in words like “Estates at ___” or “Woods of ____”.  Two properties may have entrances from the same private road or parking area.  The address and name of the community will usually be found on the door, so it is a good habit to double check as you walk in.

  • You are always required to bring a valid, government issued photo ID and willingly present it if asked.  If you can’t tour because you don’t have your ID, your report will not be accepted.

  • Do not decline a tour for any reason if one is offered.  You may have said you are looking for a two-bedroom apartment and they only have a one-bedroom to show.  You should not decline to look at the one-bedroom, and you should appear interested and engaged in seeing it.

  • Do not disclose that you are a shopper at any time during your shop, or at any time later.  If you are asked directly if you are a shopper, please say that you are not.  If your shopper identity is compromised, we will not be able to accept your shop.

  • Submit your report in a timely manner after your visit.  We request that reports be submitted to us within 24 hours after your visit.  We understand that unforeseen circumstances may require a little extra time, but our clients don’t have confidence in the accuracy of a report submitted long after a visit.  Experience has taught us that the most accurate reports are submitted quite promptly.

If something out of the ordinary happens that you feel may affect the acceptance of your shop, please notify us right away by clicking on the envelope icon next to the name of the shop on your shopper dashboard.  Most problems can be resolved easily, and we are happy to help.  It is our goal to help shoppers get every shop accepted, so we can meet our due dates for our clients and build a long-term relationship with a happy shopper!