Revive Your Wallet by Mystery Shopping

It’s that holiday time of year again! Maybe all the joy, merriment and gift-giving has left your wallet a bit thin. Never fear – apartment mystery shopping can help you start bulking it up again in no time! If you’ve never considered mystery shopping or working from home, let’s talk about the reasons it could be a great choice for you.

Extra Money on Your Time

Apartment mystery shopping is an easy way to start earning extra money right away and the best part is that you can make your own schedule. You can pick up mystery shops when you have extra time to work on them, but you are not obligated to commit to a regular shopping schedule. That means if work or life becomes too busy, you can avoid picking up shops until thing slow down again. Of course, any shops you agree to complete are expected to be completed within a certain timeframe, but even that can have some flexibility as needed.

Plenty of Availability

If you live in or near a busy city like Seattle, WA or Austin, TX, you can be sure you will have your pick of shops. EPMS does quite a lot of business in these areas, so there will be many different shops and community types to choose from. The more shops you complete, the more money you make, so this is an important benefit. Don’t be discouraged if you live further from a major city – EPMS has plenty of shops available in smaller communities as well.

Geographic Flexibility

Another fun fact about apartment mystery shopping with EPMS – you are not narrowed down to shopping in only your hometown. If you know you will be traveling and you’ll have some free time along the way, you can plan a route of shops! This is an excellent way to pick up shops that may have additional bonuses if you are passing through less populated areas. It’s also nice to have the option to make some extra money to use on your trip, so check out your shopping options the next time you take a road trip to Las Vegas!

If you’re ready get the ball rolling on supplementing your income and recovering from all the holiday festivities, please visit us at our website today!