Welcome Home! A Tour of Your Login Page

Welcome to shopping with EPMS! If you’re new, let’s learn all the things you can find and do with your login. If you’ve been shopping for a while, maybe you will discover something you didn’t know before. In either case, your EPMS profile account is an excellent resource to you with invaluable tools and information.

Find New Available Shops

Your login profile will have the most up-to-date listings of shops you qualify for in the area you specify. You can click “I Want to See Shop Contracts Near Me” to see shops near your zip code. If you plan on traveling and want to shop while you do, you can modify the searched zip code to find shops elsewhere. There is a key at the top of the map to show you which color indicates each shop type.

Find Answers to Your Questions

Many of your questions can be answered right on the shopper profile page. Click “Things I Should Know” for shopping tips and FAQs. On the initial login page, you can also find links to numerous instructional videos on the right side of the page, including help with video shops. If none of these options get you the information you need, you can always click “I Need to Ask a Question” for a list of ways to contact EPMS for support.

Find Out When You Will Be Paid

Curious if your apartment mystery shop report has been accepted and completed? Click “I Want to Check on a Payment/See my Previous Shop Contracts” to find out which contracts are completed and ready to be paid. Completed contracts will be noted with the word “Completed” in green. Any shop contract that reaches completed status by the 7th of the month will be paid on the 22nd of that same month (unless the 22nd falls on a weekend, which means the pay is that Monday). Anything that enters completed status after the 7th of the month is paid on the 22nd of the following month.

Update Personal Information

You can also update bank information and other personal information on your shopper profile through your login. To update information such as your address or other contact information, click “I Want to Review/Update My Profile”. To add or update your bank information, click “I Want to Add/Update Bank Info”.

Your shopper login is one of the most useful tools you have at your disposal. You can find almost anything you need to ensure a smooth shopping experience. In the rare case you are not able to find what you need on your login, remember EPMS support is always happy to help.