Show Some Love

The main purpose of an apartment mystery shop is to evaluate the leasing agent’s performance and ensure he or she is following the training provided by their employer. They should work to move the interaction forward toward the end goal of securing a lease, but occasionally you will encounter an agent who seems nervous or shy. Here are a few suggestions for creating an environment to give the leasing agent the greatest opportunity for success.


Listen More, Talk Less

Many times, a leasing agent has an established routine for interviewing a prospective resident. You can help create a smoother process if you allow the agent to take the lead in the conversation and give their presentation. In addition, this will allow you to collect more useful information which will make the job of completing the report easier for you.


Smiling is a good way to convey silent approval. It’s always best to convey an open, friendly demeanor when completing a mystery shop. Remember, the goal is not to create a “challenge” to test the agent. Instead, you want to present yourself as a pleasant, blank canvas they can use to demonstrate their skill set.


People tend to mirror the attitudes of those they interact with, even subconsciously. Therefore, if you as the mystery shopper can relax and allow yourself to be fully present during the apartment mystery shop, the leasing agent will be more inclined to do the same.

Approach shops with a friendly and relaxed attitude and allow the leasing agent to take charge. Avoid steering the conversation or proactively “feeding” them your information.  Instead, allow them to ask questions and direct the flow of the visit so they can demonstrate their skills in the best possible light.