Apartment Mystery Shopping is a Job You Can Be Thankful For

There are plenty of reasons to be thankful to have a job in the apartment mystery shopping industry!  In this blog, we’ll explore 3 reasons why apartment mystery shopping is a great choice for you to earn extra money this holiday season and all year round.

#1 There are a variety of apartment mystery shops offered all over the country.

The traditional apartment mystery shop is not the only type available; there are video and audio apartment mystery shops as well. You will usually have to complete a certain number of traditional apartment mystery shops to qualify for the video and audio mystery shops, but it is worth it as those types of shops often offer even better pay than regular shops.

Not only is there a variety of shop types available, whether you’re in Cupertino, CA, El Paso, TX or Scranton, PA, you’re sure to find a job not far from where you live.

#2 Not all mystery shops require you to shop a specific person.

There are plenty of apartment mystery shops that offer you the opportunity to shop “Anyone.” There are also mystery shop options that allow you to shop “Anyone BUT”. In these cases, the client allows anyone to be shopped except a particular person or persons. You can even find mystery shops that allow you to walk in and complete the onsite shop prior to making any phone calls.

You can determine the type of apartment mystery shop by reading through the instructions. What’s more, you can do this prior to accepting the shop at all!

#3 Apartment mystery shopping can be fun!

You might be surprised to learn that it can be very fun to complete apartment mystery shops. Although you may feel a little nervous completing your first couple of shops, you’ll find entertaining benefits once you get comfortable. You get to meet new people and take on new roles as you modify your shopper story to fit the shop. Plus, you get to have a look at all kinds of different communities near you and maybe even get some ideas for arranging your own home!

As a mystery shopper, you are providing a great service to the prospective residents who will be moving into the community you are shopping because the leasing staff use your feedback to make their customer service and sales presentation stronger.

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