Tips for Successful Audio Shops

Mystery Shopping DisguiseThere are several types of apartment mystery shops you can complete. All of them are equally fun to complete, but my all-time favorite are the audio shops. Completing audio shops takes the pressure off trying to remember every single word the leasing agent said or detail from the shop.

Tip #1: Check It and Charge It Up!

Is your phone charged? Does the recorder have good set of batteries? You will want to check at least twice so you can ensure your phone or recorder does not die during your visit. Unfortunately, your shop will not be accepted without the full recording.

Tip #2: Placement of Device

Make sure you place the recording device in a place where you will be able to clearly hear the person’s voice. For example, if the device is in your pocket, make sure the speaker portion of the phone is sticking out of your pocket and facing outward. This decreases the amount of noise from your clothes while walking and helps to clearly pick up the leasing agent’s voice.

Tip #3: Make Sure They Match

Although the shop has an audio recording, you will still have to complete an online report. You will want to listen to any parts of the recording you cannot recall to make sure there are no discrepancies in your report.

The audio apartment mystery shops are fun and they provide the company with more detail to evaluate and make sure great customer service is in place.