Recording an Audio Shop

Recording an Audio ShopAudio shops are one of the three types of apartment mystery shops that the Ellis Partners in Management Solutions offers on a monthly basis. When you log onto the website: you will see different color-coded icons next to the different shops. The color selected will determine the type of shop you will be conducting. If you select the purple icon a pop up button will ask you if you have the equipment to carry out the shop. If you do have the means to do so then write in the box you can do the shop soon. If not you will have to wait for Ellis Mystery shopping to end out audio equipment for your use.


Now if you wanted you can buy your own equipment and thus you would be ready whenever an audio shop were to come up. In order to find recording audio you have a few choices. If you have a smart phone you can check the app store to see if someone is selling the audio recorders for you phone. Then you would simply pay for the app and download it to you cell phone. Follow the instructions and you would be able to record. Simply make sure you can download the voice recording in file easy to upload and email.


If by chance you would prefer to buy equipment then a quick search on online web stores such as eBay or Amazon will give you an array of choices. Today’s recorders are small and you can get one half the size of a pen. This definitely comes in handy as it can be put in a pocket to carry to your assignment. Check the online ratings and you can get a recorder that will do the job over and over. Again make sure the files can be downloaded and emailed.