Choosing An Apartment Shop

Extension Please

There are three main apartment shops existing on the EPMS platform; audio, video, and regular shops. Regular apartment shops are completed without recording or taking video of the actual visit, along with submitting your online report based solely on generous and objective feedback. These shops typically require you to take quick notes once you return to your car to ensure you remember key details or facts. Audio Shops can be recorded with your cell phone, pocket recorder or a recorder mailed to you by EPMS. A bonus is usually added to the base apartment shop pay for using your own device.


Video shops require less of your brain capacity for remembering key details, yet you will need to ensure you have several things in place to complete a successful video shop.You will need a shirt with the camera attached, which is usually supplied by EPMS. The shirt, along with required equipment, is usually mailed to your preferred address. From there, you will complete the shop. The video shops typically have a quick turnaround time for returning the video equipment as others will need to use it.

Now, you can choose the shop that will be best for you to complete within the time frames you have available throughout the week. The easiest shops to secure are the regular shops that do not require audio or video. Overall, whichever shops you choose to complete will give you the opportunity to share objective feedback on how the staff and company can improve and celebrate where they are doing well.