Backup Documentation For Mystery Shop.

Backup Documentation for Mystery ShopOnce  you have finished your mystery shopping assignment you will need to evaluate all of your information.  Before you even leave the mystery shopping site, make sure you have met all the requirements for the shop. For instance, some shops now require a photo showing certain parts of the shop.  Other requirements maybe the time you were at the mystery shopping location or the shopping of a particular person.

In any case, you need to show that you were actually at the specified location and shopped the location in the time frame allowed.  That being said, for most apartment shops you will need to have the business card of the person you shopped.  If no card  was available, then you need brochures or floor plans.  If possible, get the agent to sign their name on the paperwork that they provided to you.

Once you have all the materials required then you can enter the information for the shop. Furthermore, you should upload the documents when you complete the written portion of the shop. Make sure the documents can be read easily. A good scan or even a good photo should not be blurry to the person reading your report.

Documentation is very important and it will make the difference on whether the shop is accepted or rejected by the mystery shopping company. It helps to see if you shopped the correct person and if you went to the approved location. Accordingly, make sure you have supporting documents and ensure they are submitted at the time you send in your report.