Assign Mystery Shops In Other Zip Codes!

Assigning Mystery Shops in Other ZipcodesAre you going on vacation or are you visiting family for a while. Perhaps you have a temporary move. In any case, you might want to do some shops while you are away from your home. After all, there was a reason you signed up to be a mystery shopper.

When you first signed up to be a shopper you had to fill in certain particulars about yourself on the site. For instance, you probably put in your home address and there you could see shops in your neighborhood and what was near by. For example, let say you live in Irving Texas then your zip code would be 75038. The map at Ellis mystery shopping Company would like this:

As you can see the mystery shops are listed and you can choose which assignments you might want.

Now let’s say you are away from home and you would like to complete mystery shop assignments for Ellis Mystery Shopping. You would go to the same map and there up top where it says “zip code” you would put in a zip code where you would like to shop. For example, if you were in Los Angeles you would simply put in the zip code of where you wanted to go. For instance, if you put in the zip code “90210” and the map populates with all the apartment mystery shops available. See:

Try to use the map to zoom in as well. It helps to see the roads and conveniences near the shops. The map is great asset to use for your apartment mystery shopping.