Bonus For Video Shops!

Bonus for Video ShopsYou have been doing routine mystery shopping jobs and have noticed that some companies advertise video shopping assignments which normally have an added bonus fee than regular shops, but continue to ignore them.  You might feel a little apprehensive to try something new, but video shops are not that difficult to learn and they normally allow you to learn more money than a standard mystery job.

Conducting a video shop with Ellis Partners is not as difficult as it may appear and only requires learning a few new steps.   If you decide to assign yourself  video shops, remember to order your video shirt size larger than you normally wear since sizes tend to run small.

Further, a larger size will ensure that you can button the shirt comfortably in the front without any problems and also allows you to wear a blouse underneath.  Also, when you assign yourself these video shops, ensure that your calendar allows you to perform this job quickly since Ellis requires the shop to get completed as soon as you receive the video equipment.  The video  equipment is similar to a simple recording device and Ellis provides written instructions on how to record a video shop and also gives a telephone number to call their technical department for any further questions.

The equipment is similar to wearing an I-pod and the small camera device is attached to the front of the shirt.  The recording device is a small box that can be placed under your shirt or in your pocket.  Ensure you can perform these types of jobs quickly since many of these devices require companies to pay a daily fee for the use of the video equipment.   Also, do not forget to keep in constant touch with your customer service representative for any problems since they are there to assist and get you going on making more money!