Did You Follow-Up?

Did you Follow-Up.You just submitted your computer online report to your mystery shopping company and begin applauding yourself for another job completion while dreaming of how to spend all that money you just made. You then start looking for other assignments to make more money, but hold on, did you forget that a major component on mystery shopping requires submission a follow-up report?  A follow-up report is normally necessary for a shopper for a complete job before you receive your final payment.   Most companies want to know if their client followed-up with their customers with a telephone call, email message, or if they sent a note in the mail within a certain time frame.

So remember not to toss out any of your records until you receive your follow-up correspondence from your target employee since that is the final part of a mystery shop.  Ensure you immediately note the date you received your telephone call, note in the mail, or email since accurate reporting is important for clients to monitor their employees turn-around time when responding to customers.  Most mystery shopping websites have an automatic reporting system that has a set time frame for shoppers to report a follow-up visit.

Failure to report a follow-up report within an appropriate time frame can sometimes cause mystery shopping companies to block you from the system which prevents you from viewing and assigning more assignments.  If a site blocks you from viewing their jobs due to a late follow-up reporting of an assignment, it can sometimes take days to resolve the problem and you can lose valuable jobs while you wait for the system administer to fix the problem.  A few minutes is all it takes to document the date you received a follow-up and that will ensure you always have access to job assignments.