Coordinate A Route Of Mystery Shops!

Route ShopsThere are several things you need to consider when coordinating a day of mystery shopping.  First, take a look at your calendar to determine how much time you have this week or month  Make sure you have enough time to complete the shops. Figure out the time frame

Determine how many shops you want to complete during that selected time frame

Choose the mystery shopping sites that will have the type of shops you want to complete.  If you are not a current shopper for that particular company, apply to be a shopper. Once accepted, you will receive your log in information.  If you already have your log in information, log in to see what mystery shops are available.

Choose Your Desired Shops

Look through the shops and determine which ones sound fun, easy, or fit into your available time frame.

Request the Shops You Want

This is pretty self-explanatory.  Just make sure to select more than enough shops so that you can get the number of shops you want. For example, if you want to complete four (4) shops, aim to request for six (6) shops.

Wait for Confirmation

Do not complete the shop until you get confirmation from the mystery shop company that you have been selected to complete that particular shop. Chances are there is more than one person requesting this very same shop.  There are many reason why a company may or may not choose you, just know it is not personal.  You will want to request more than enough shops so that you can increase your odds of getting the number of shops you want to complete.

Do not forget to read and review the shop requirements. This ensures that you can complete the shop, as directed. This means that you will be chosen for more shops later 😉  Now, you are ready to plan a route of shops, have fun!