Keeping Your Mystery Shop Updated!

Keeping Your Shop UpdatedWhen you are first assigned a shop to be completed, you will get a confirmation email. Check the email you used to sign up with for shops to see the email informing you of your upcoming mystery shop. Once you have verified the assignment you can begin the process of mystery shopping.

If you have been given an assigned target then you may have some difficulty reaching the person. In this case, contact the Ellis Mystery Shop team and inform them that you need help. Most times they are able to help you reach your target individual. It is important you let the company know if you have difficulty reaching the target agent.

Next, you should log in the to the site: and check off the various steps to let Ellis Mystery Shopping know you have

1. Read the guidelines.

2. Made the telephone call.

3. Made the onsite visit. Use the map guide and make sure you know the best route. Call the property and find out hours as part of the shop.

When you check off the different parts on the website you are letting the company know that you are proactive. It also shows that you have made progress on the shop, which is important. Further it shows you are in the process of completing assignment. It also shows you are read the rules on how to conduct the shop and thus there would mostly likely be no mistakes.