What Back-Up Plan?

What back-up plan.When you begin to call on your mystery shops, you should already have your scenario and back-up plan ready for your shop.  If it is an apartment shop, you should know whether you can use your real name, telephone number, email address, the size of the apartment, and what preferences you need.  Be sure to read the website instructions carefully, since many companies keep an electronic database of residents that visited their community and your name, telephone number, and email address may already be entered in their database.

If the website instructions show any previous calls you made to this shop, ensure you change the necessary information when you make your call.

Also, ensure that part of your planned scenario allows for changes to the size of an apartment.  Sometimes, your scenario may have consisted of inquiring of a two bedroom apartment, but when you make the call, the leasing professional may state they have no vacancies for that size.  You need to ensure that you have a back-up plan and state you are also open to an one or possibly any larger sized apartments.

If nothing seems available at this community, then ask when the next anticipated vacancy might occur and mention that you plan to be in their area looking for apartments anyways, so can you stop and tour their community grounds.   Also, if they have a floor-plan to show you or any sample photos on the computer of apartments since you are willing to wait to find the right apartment.   Having a planned scenario with several back-up plans will allow you to be far successful in getting a job done fast.