The Importance of Backup Documentation.

Submitting BackupThere are a few things you must do when you are at your mystery shopping assignment. First of all, you will have to make sure of some details for the report. Furthermore, you will need a description of the agent you shopped. In addition, you will need to remember what the agent was wearing. Moreover, their hairstyle and eye color will be part of the written report.

Secondly you are required to remember the precise time you were at the property. Use things such as a cell phone or even a small note pad to take notes. The observations that will help you to remember all the details. This is important when you are ready to fill in your report. When you first made contact on the telephone will also be a time you have to remember.

Thirdly, make sure you get brochures and or business cards from the property agent.   This is considered your backup documentation.  All the paper documents help to prove you were there at the required location. Furthermore it is important that all the backup documentation show the current name of the property and of course the name of the agent. If possible take photos of the interior of the apartment as well as the outside of the building so you can attach the photos if there ever were any questions.

Remember all backup documentation, descriptions and times only help you. So you are able to verify you were at the correct place at the right time.