Grammar, Typos, and Errors, Oh My!

Grammer, Typos, and Errors, Oh MySome mystery shops require submitting a writing sample to begin receiving approval for jobs. If you have already done mystery shops before, hopefully, you saved some of your writing samples on your computer files. If you have not saved a writing sample, do not despair.

In approximately fifteen minutes, you can quickly finish a writing sample that looks both professionally done and typo free which will command a higher pay or more job availability. Some mystery shopping sites generally want a short paragraph on your work experience.

Ensure that you start your writing sample with your objective and passion that is relevant to their mystery shopping company’s specialty area. If the company does mystery shopping for apartments, then your opening statements should be on an experience you performed in that area. Don’t forget to mention any areas where you have excelled in work skills such as auditing, communicating, writing, proofreading, resolving problems, or any skills that are relevant to that mystery shopping specialty.

Furthermore, nothing can ruin your opportunity as a high rated shopper if you fail to proofread your work and submit a writing sample with typos, which is a big red flag! Most computers have a spell-check system and there are free download software’s that focus on grammar usage. No one wants to read a paragraph that has grammatical errors, typos, or incomplete sentences.

Remember to double check each sentence to ensure that it is a proper sentence which would include a subject, noun, verb, and a complete thought. Do not underestimate the usage of a Thesaurus since an educated vocabulary can make your paragraph stand out, but do not overdo the use of ten letter words. If you can not pronounce it or understand the word in a sentence, then do not use it.