Telecommuting Anyone?

Telecommuting AnyoneAccording to the latest statistics by Global Workplace Analytics, Telecommuting, or working at home, instead of driving to the office, has grown 103% by 2005 and in 2014 increased by 6.5%.

With technology increasing, this opportunity to work at home has become more favorable for companies to invest in Telecommuting friendly programs toward their workers working at home instead of commuting to the office. Fortune 1000 companies are continually revamping their office environment to accommodate telecommuting due to more mobile and technological devices designed to work home.

As a mystery shopper, Telecommuting has always been utilized and with the latest growing trend to expand this work environment, this has allowed more companies to utilize mystery shoppers to perform more jobs. No longer are mystery shopping programs relegated to the bottom of the office list for innovative work options. Telecommuting has impacted mystery shopping and has caused the pay to increase for shoppers since a vast network of work options are now available for employees who work at home.

The positive aspect of Telecommuting allows the stay at home parent who still must attend to her children or the student who needs to return to college, but must still work part-time to earn a decent wage, benefits both of them. Telecommuting with mystery shopping jobs offers flexibility and assists those who are between finding full-time jobs or those who want additional work before or after their regular work hours.

With laptops, I-Pad, and voice activated options, you can complete your mystery shopping report comfortably at the nearest coffee house, or other cafes, restaurants, or even at your friend’s house, since most places offer Wi-Fi connections. Telecommuting has expanded the options for mystery shopping and no longer is solely work performed only at home, but can be completed at any location that has an Internet connection. So socialize and have fun while you earn extra money with mystery shopping.