Ergonomic Proof Your Hands!

Ergonomic Proof Your HandsPerforming a couple of hours each month as a mystery shopper can earn you a couple of hundred of dollars each month. However, in any work environment, you need to remember to take precautions for safety and protect your well being.

Taking a few minutes to learn how to adjust to a good ergonomics work station can help protect strained muscle pain in your hands, neck, or back. Since typing on the computer comprises of a high percentage of time for mystery shoppers, there are several ergonomic tips from experts that a worker can utilize to prevent strain.

First tip is to remember to take several breaks away from the computer regularly to allow your hands, neck, and back to relax. Also remember to do hand stretches when typing for long periods of time and apply a soft touch to the computer keyboard. There are also numerous computer hand rests for your computer that you can purchase to prevent any unnecessary bent wrists or awkward positions of your hands which will support your arms while typing your reports.

For preventative back and neck strains, you can invest in padded seats or backrests for chairs. Ensure you find a comfortable chair that allows your legs to rest comfortably and is lower than your desk. In addition, take a few minutes daily to adjust your computer screen monitor and place it directly in front of your body, and ensure the height of the screen is at your eye level so that neck strains do not occur.

These simple preventative ergonomic tips will help you reduce any wrist, eye strain, neck or back neck pain and allow you to earn that extra cash!