Double Check before you Submit!

But you saidIt is bound to happen; you run into that difficult target shopper who refuses to provide the information needed to complete your shop or maybe even the mystery shopper website representatives seem to provide conflicting information. Remember to always double check.  Conflicts and misunderstandings routinely happen in business communication and performing mystery shopping jobs are no exception.


When faced with a target mystery shopping employee who will not answer or ask certain questions, ensure you first give them the opportunity to complete their presentation. If the mystery shopper employee still refuses to ask a question, then most employers do not mind shoppers to give them prompts to address your question.

If you encounter a target employee or website administrator that states different information then what was provided by the shopper website, then just ask about the differing statement to the target employee in a subtle way. For example, if they say they have no vacancies and then remain silent, ask if you can visit their grounds or if they have any pictures of sample apartments to show. If the information still differs from the requirements given, always double check with the website representative about the information given before you spend more time to complete this shop. The shop requirements could be erroneous and you do not want to spend more than a few minutes in resolving this problem.


If you perform a job based on the argument that, “But she or he said this”, or, “The representative said this” information, and you input this information into the final submission form, you could lose the entire job. It is always better to double check with the website administrator before spending more time on your shop.