Keep Your Calendar Filled With Mystery Shops!

How to keep your calander filled with shopsThe key to keeping your calendar filled with mystery shops is planning and a little initial legwork. Remember there are a variety of mystery shops that you can complete on any given day. From hotels to apartment shops to restaurants.

A very cool perk, in the mystery shopping industry, is that you can choose the number of mystery shops you want to complete each month. You can decrease or increase this number from month to month without being penalized.

Mystery shopping is one of the best side jobs you could have. Not to mention, some people are able to make it their main contracting job. No matter what you decide, there are shops for you to complete.

Start by making a list of reputable mystery shopping companies that you can apply to work for as a mystery shopper. Don’t forget to mention any fabulous work history that may boost your application for being accepted. After you compile a list of mystery shopping companies, choose your top 5 and start the application process. You are usually approved rather quickly in this industry if you have a complete application.

After approval, you will usually receive a username and password to the online portal. This online portal houses available shops, training information and company contact information. You will select the number of shops you want to complete for that week. Do not forget to check back often or sign up for the email notification of mystery shop releases as you want to get the best shops available.

It can be that simple. Do not overthink it. Just start with step 1, making a list of reputable mystery shopping companies and take it from there.