Mystery Shopping While Family is in Town!

Mystery Shopping with family in  townDuring the holidays and the beginning of the year usually starts with family leaving from visiting over the holidays or coming in town to visit as they have set “see more family” as a New Year’s Resolution.

Whatever the case, they are here. You want to spend time with them and keep up with completing mystery shops.  Below you will see that you can do both!


You have a couple of options:
• You can either choose not to do mystery shops during their visit
• You could decrease the number of shops that (i.e. instead of 5 shops per month; 2 shops per month)
• You can choose mystery shops that take less time

Now, attempting to explain mystery shopping to your family will have to be another blog post.

If you decide to complete shops, you can choose shops in a busy side of town. This will allow you to drop your family off at a mall or shopping center while you complete the shop.

You can just share with them that you want to run a quick errand. Or you could always leave them at home and use the same excuse.

Overall, you do not need to stop mystery shopping just because visitors are in town. Start by decreasing the number of shops. If you typically complete four shops, complete 1-2 instead.

And do not feel guilty if you decide to take a break from mystery shopping to spend uninterrupted time with your family. It is completely up to you.

Either way, due to the flexibility of mystery shopping, you can pick up shops at any time.

So next time family is in town, if you decide to choose to mystery shop, use these tips and let us know how it goes!