How To Stay “Normal” During A Mystery Shop

Staying Normal During Mystery ShopIf you are completing your first mystery shop, this can be a nervous and confusing time. You may be putting a lot of pressure on yourself to “get it right.” Well, here is some good news, there are actually steps you can take to make sure you feel comfortable during your mystery shop.

Following these steps allows you to survey or shop with confidence. When you feel comfortable, your agent will as well.

Step 1: Know What You Are Looking For

Take the time to review the documents and notes ahead of time. This helps you to assess your level of understanding of what the mystery shopping company expects of you, as a mystery shopper. You can find this information in the main area of your mystery shopping company shopper portal.

 Step 2: Ask Questions

Once you have reviewed all of the documents pertaining to the shop, write down all of your questions. The best way to reach more mystery shopping company staff is through e-mail. Once you have made your list of questions, send the mystery shopper company staff an e-mail. They will appreciate you asking a question rather than guessing and jeopardizing a shop.  Then allow at least 24 hours for a response. Many mystery shopper companies do not have large staff.

 Step 3: Breathe

Remember that you are only human. If this is your first mystery shop, simply focus on the details that the company wants you to access and collect.

A Pro Tip: Complete your assessment or mystery shop report within 1-2 hours of the actual shop. This ensures that details are fresh on your mind.

 Step 4: Review Documents Prior to Completing the Shop

Overall, if you follow the above steps, you will be successful. If you forget information or make a mistake, let the mystery shopping company know as soon as possible. They can direct you on what to do from there.

So have fun with your first or next mystery shop!