Create A Win-Win Situation For You And Your Leasing Agent

Win-Win SituationThe goal of any mystery shop is to assess how well the leasing agent is doing his or her job. The leasing agent, if you are completing apartment secret shops, is trained to market the apartments in a certain way.

Know the Goal of the Shop
Take the time to look at the shop notes and specifics. This should be listed in your mystery shopping account panel. If you are not sure where to find this, reach out to the staff and ask. Do not be shy. In order to complete a successful shop, you will have questions, especially earlier in your mystery shopping career.

Know Your Role
Remember that you are creating a win-win situation here. You must know what the mystery shopping company expects of you prior to the shop. Imagine that this is a friend or loved one that is being assessed. This is the same care and opportunity you want to give to the leasing agent.

Know What the Report Needs
Take a look at the shop notes and actual shop report. This will allow you to know what details you need to be mindful of during the shop. With that said, you should keep cellphone use to a minimum as it may look suspicious. If you need to take notes, one-time request to go to the restroom would be sufficient. It would not be suggested to ask for more than this as it may trigger suspicion with the leasing agent.

Overall, your goal, in completing a successful secret shop, is to allow the leasing agent to do their best. They are trained to cover certain details with you, as a potential apartment resident. By allowing them this opportunity, they will be able to be properly rated on their skills not their mistakes.

So stay calm and allow the leasing agent to work his or her magic!