Don’t Get Lost While On a Shop!

Dont get lostEven if you have done numerous mystery shopping jobs, you can occasionally get bad directions and lose valuable hours while performing a shop. Remember to maximize your time and effort in order to perform as many mystery shopping jobs by ensuring you get the exact directions before you drive out to the location.

Many shoppers can lose valuable hours of the day and jobs can be delayed by simply not obtaining the correct directions or information.

If you have not obtained the latest technological map tracking devices, such as GPS, or have downloaded the latest computer map application to your cell or Iphone, there are several other easy tips to ensure that you get correct directions to your destination.

First of all, when you obtain your job assignment,  make sure you verify the address with your target employee. Then, ask the employee if they could give you directions or major cross streets to the location that you are shopping.  Third, always double check the directions with Map-Quest or any other computer map directions website.

I can tell you from experience that only relying on one source of information, such as an employee’s directions, Map Quest, or even the latest GPS systems are not always accurate. You want to at least verify directions with two or three sources before you drive to the location to ensure you do not get lost and waste your shopping day and gas money.

Also, never forget to bring your cell phone with you on all jobs. Even with the best efforts to obtain the right directions, errors still happen, and having a cell phone handy to call your shop target employee will ensure you get to your shop location quickly and on time. With just a little effort to prepare properly before you leave to your job, this will allow you to find that location quick and easy and allows you to make that extra trip to shop another location.