Free Services While Getting Paid!

Get Free ServicesDoes it seem like you can never get ahead? Every time you think that everything is under control, those unanticipated expenses always seem to surface.

The normal cost of life which reappears from time to time always seems to happen when you are short on cash. While most health insurance plans do not cover for life’s basic necessities, such as routine eye exams and eyeglasses or even cover basic dental services, these unanticipated costs can become expensive.

Eye exams and eyeglasses can easily cost about $300 and that is usually on the low end.  But if you perform mystery shopping jobs, there are shops that will pay for eye exams and will even pay you for obtaining basic dental services.

Several mystery shopping jobs offer workers an opportunity to visit an eye exam for free or even get a free dental check-up and only requires that you evaluate the performance of their employee’s. In addition, these jobs also provide you a fee in addition to getting these free services.

Every employer wants to review how their employees perform their job and as a mystery shopper. These types of social oriented programs not only help the employer evaluate their employee performance, but they also provide a free benefit to the mystery shopper worker which is free services and pay!

Do you feel like you need a free massage or maybe a free oil change? Mystery shopping jobs also allows you to obtain a massage or an oil change for free. These mystery shopping jobs generally only take a couple of hours to perform and only require a shopper to submit an evaluation to the company. Obtaining pay is generally issued within 45 days from the time you complete a job. So do not hesitate to get a free annual eye exam or dental services and make a little money too!