Why I Became A Mystery Shopper

Why I Became a Mystery ShopperBeing a Southerner at heart, I truly believe in being polite, making people feel welcomed, and basically treating people like the human beings, they truly are!

In this day and age with cellphones, social media, and texting, it is very easy to become disconnected from real genuine communication with others. The shift may be subtle, yet it is real.

Customer service is an extension of a company. This is what can determine whether a company barely survives or thrives by creating raving fans. I have had bad experiences and great experiences while being a mystery shopper.

Your ability to give feedback that will be insightful and valuable for the company to read is priceless. This allows you, a consumer, to be heard. With that said, allow the person who you are shopping the space to do the best job they can, as our role is to create a space for this person or staff to show off their training.

Now, I also enjoy being a mystery shopper as it adds extra cash in my pocket. I started mystery shopping during my early college days. Clearly, this explains why extra cash was a necessity. Mystery shopping was a way for me to explore different restaurants, on a budget as well.

There are some mystery shopping companies who mainly survey restaurants. I signed up to be a shopper to try new foods and explore new areas. This was a great way to stretch out my comfort zone and be reimbursed for the cost of food while doing so.

I enjoy apartment shops because it keeps me up to date on what is available on the market and whether I am still getting a good deal with my place. I enjoy viewing layouts and designs of apartment models. I take note for when I decide to build a place of my own.

If you are considering becoming a mystery shopper, then go for it! These days, there are many companies that cater to many sectors of the industry. From food to apartment shops to car test drives to amusement parks, there is something for everyone.