Memory Tips For Shopping!

Memory Tips For ShoppingHow many times have you left that mystery-shopping job, and as you grab your pen to jot down important observations, you go blank?

How many shoppers struggle with those occasional lapses of memory on what color those walls were or if the flooring in the office was laid with carpeting or was it vinyl? As a mystery shopper, memory retention is vital in performing a complete and accurate report, but once in a while, brain fog sets in.

The good news is that memory retention can be strengthened just like working out your muscles. There are several simple memory tricks that can help you memorize those details of that apartment or facility that you just visited. Just repeating a detail several times can trigger the brain to remember it more accurately and quickly. If you need to remember wall colors, just repeat the color over and over again silently during the tour. Repetition is a great way to trigger the mind to remember a name or detail.

Alternatively, maybe you are more of a visual person and the coloring décor might remind you of your favorite color or it may even be the color of your pet. Associating a color or detail with a favorite object will usually trigger your brain to remember the item again. Repetition and visualization are two easy ways to remember shop details and this can help you quickly finish your evaluation report since retraining your brain to remember specifics can be fun and easy.  These tips should be helpful when shopping.