Christmas Time’s a Coming!

Christmas Time's a CominIt is getting to be that time of year again. The time with all the hustle and bustle and DEBT! For the next several months, it’s nothing but holiday after holiday and Christmas party after Christmas party. Mystery shopping is a great way to offset the cost of gifts, but it is important to start early. Now is the time! Enroll in mystery shopping for several different companies online and you can start the gift buying early!

There are a variety of mystery shopping opportunities for toy stores, specialty shops, and even jewelry stores. While the more expensive locations will not cover the entire price, it can definitely help offset the cost. Maybe this year you are considering a little getaway for the holiday. They have shops for that too! It will take some effort and work on your part, and may take a little away from the vacation; however, it will be a tremendous help come January when you do not have to pay the big bills others will have because of holiday expenditures.

Most mystery shops do not allow you to purchase gift cards, in general; and this is often a big holiday item because sometimes you just do not know what to buy your great aunt you have not seen since you were four! It is important to note that there are actually shops out there that are specific for gift cards and pre-paid credit cards! It should be no surprise that these type shops are highly sought by shoppers. So you need to act quickly when you find one in your area.

Another way to help save money is with grocery store shops. Everyone throws big holiday parties from October all the way until the New Year, and food costs are pretty high. Even if it is not your party, you always take something. Find a few grocery store shops and get those little expenses that add up reimbursed! And if you are throwing a party, splurge on the grocery store shops to maximize what you get back this party season.
The bottom line is the holiday season is meant to be enjoyed, not meant to sink you into a bottomless pit of debt. Take advantage of these opportunities to save a little of your hard earned money, and still have a wonderful holiday season. And if you like it, maybe you can keep it going year-round and put all that money away for next year’s holiday festivities to be even better.