Invite Friends For Cash!

Invite Friends for CashMany mystery shopping companies want to attract as many shoppers as possible to complete their job inventories for the month.

Often, I get emails from companies that need more shoppers to complete their monthly job listings. If you already perform mystery shopping jobs for a company, sometimes these companies will offer bonuses to their current shoppers if they bring new shoppers to their businesses. An added bonus for referring friends to a particular mystery shopping website could make a difference in a regular shopper’s pay and help you earn extra cash.

Referring a couple of friends could easily earn $50 and up for a shopper and only takes a couple of minutes to contact some of your acquaintances or colleagues and have them sign up for various mystery shopping websites. This could make a big difference in a shopper’s regular pay for just referring friends. If you are a shopper, take advantage of this potential extra cash opportunity and inquire with your mystery shopping website customer service team, and ask if they will provide bonuses for referral of friends.

You might be surprised that many mystery shopping companies will offer special bonuses for referrals. All it takes is for a shopper to send a simple email to customer service regarding any bonus opportunities for referral of friends to their website. With so many different types of mystery shopping websites available, you can easily earn  extra cash for just referring a couple of friends to become regular shoppers.

As always, you want to ensure you refer reliable and responsible friends to your regular job sites since you always want to create a favorable impression on your own character and contract record.