Mystery Shopping Over The Holidays

Family for the HolidaysFamily is in town for the holidays. Who doesn’t love family? Yet sometimes this can be a stressful time as you have many things to prepare during such a busy time of the year. Below are some tips to help you make it through the holidays with a little more cash in your pocket.

1. Plan ahead. Choose shops that are on route to whatever errands you need to complete. This can alleviate the stress of time.

2. Involve a key family member. If you can trust that your family member will remain low key, enlist a family member to help you with a shop. This works particularly well with restaurant shops.

3. Keep a short checklist. When you have family members in town, there can be a million things to do and you want to make sure you do not forget the important ones. As for your scheduled mystery shop, you want to make sure you complete the shop correctly. If not, that time and focus would be in vain, and you don’t want that, do you?

To avoid a mystery shop being marked invalid, make a checklist of the key things you need to complete the shop correctly. This includes any attachments, such as business cards, pictures, and receipts, if needed.

4. Use your phone. If you are able to be discrete, use your phone to take notes and keep track of important information such as agent’s names and descriptions. You may think that you will remember them, yet you never know.

5. Don’t forget that you can ask the key family member involved to keep track of certain things as well to alleviate your need to remember everything. One area could be the cleanliness of the restroom, if there is a need to note this in your report.

6. Don’t schedule more than you can realistically complete. I would advise you to accept 1-2 shops during the time that your family or friends would be in town. This decreases any potential stress on you or your time.

Overall, completing mystery shops while family is in town is completely possible. Just remember not to overdo it as your family or friends visit to spend time with you. Enjoy it.