Get Your Favorite Stores To Hire Shoppers

How to get your favorite shops to hire mystery shoppersHave you ever shopped at non chain store and felt you wanted to tell them to hire mystery shoppers? Maybe where you work? Or for a small company that your friend works for where you think mystery shoppers could help bring about a much-needed change? Well, here are some ways you can get companies to listen.


First of all, if you shopped at a mom and pop small town store and thought they needed some help in the customer service area. Try to make a report and send it to the manager or even the owner.  In your first report write a factual account of what happened and tell it in your own words. Give the manager/owner your telephone number or some means to contact you.

Or if they happen to have a suggestion box write your name and number and tell them to call you because you have a great idea for better customer service. Remember when you do get someone on the telephone – explain that you almost walked away but wanted the manager or supervisor to know of the service mystery shoppers provide.

Next contact the mystery company you work for and ask if they would want a lead. Some mystery shopping companies will pay you to find a lead. If one of the companies you work for won’t or cannot take a lead, research and see if you can find one that will.

If the manager does contact you then you can send your report to the company and request they send you a lead fee and maybe send you as mystery shopper at some times. Even if you don’t get sent out again – after all, the manger now knows you! Then rest assured your efforts to find leads and generate contracts for the company will not go unnoticed.

Think of all the areas where you use services. From the bank to telephone calls most areas are service oriented. If you see a place needing great service take the initiative and write the report. You just never know which company would need your report to make them better.