Weeding Out a Scam

Weeding out ScamsGuaranteed six-figure income your first year!!  Make $40,000 a month from home! It is easy to see how this type of advertisement for becoming a mystery shopper is likely leading you into a scam.

Many shoppers have been taken in by much less of a paycheck, and it is important to do your checking before taking on a job.  If a company sends you money orders to cash and send them back $50.00 while you keep the other $4,000.00, beware it is a scam.  The money order is fake, and your bank will have you paying for the money order.  It is possible you could be criminally charged as well.

If a company offers to pay you up front for a shopping assignment, this could be legit.  To be on the safe side, check it out first.  See what other shoppers have to say on forums and discussion boards. Check out reviews of the company online, and always check the companies rating and reputation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Many people make a decent living as a full-time mystery shopper.  Do not be discouraged, but be realistic about how much money you can really make.  Always be cautious about giving your social security number to a company or your checking account information, even for direct deposit.

Again, confirm the company is legit and do an Internet search regarding the company.  Find out what other shoppers are saying about the company.  Many companies offer the option of being paid via a paper check. If they do, try them out for a few assignments.  Make sure they pay as they promise, and then decide if you want to provide checking account information for direct deposit.

The most reliable and best way to get paid from companies is through PayPal. This way you do not have to give them your checking information.  However, most reputable companies will eventually ask for your social security number. Again, make sure they are legitimate first.  If something about what they are doing does not seem quite right and you think it is a scam, trust your gut and move on to another company.