Free Meals by Mystery Shopping

chicken-burger-111794_1280It is always nice to go out to a very fancy restaurant, but it can get expensive. There are some mystery shopping companies that allow a shopper to visit a nice restaurant to evaluate their services for free.

Most companies require you pay for the meal upfront, but the company will reimburse you for all the costs associated with the mealtime and you only have to answer a brief questionnaire and rate how well the service and food was at a particular restaurant.

You can always save even more money by looking for ads for that particular restaurant that your scheduler has assigned you, which often gives you a discount off your meal or sometimes you can find a two for one meal deal price.  This helps to further reduce your upfront costs to the meal and then allows you invite someone to dinner for free.  It only takes a few minutes to look through the paper or search the computer for restaurant discounts and that would help supplement your budget until the company reimburses you for the entire cost.

There are also a few mystery shopping companies that provide a credit type of card for you to use at these restaurant shops so you just charge the meal on their card.  Other mystery companies pay you a mystery shopping fee for completing the shop on top of reimbursing you for the entire meal.

Earning a cash fee plus obtaining a company credit card for the meal is the best shop that I have uncovered, but generally most companies reimburse you for the meal.   In either case, feel free to visit that fancy expensive restaurant for a nice day or evening meal since this freebie is on the company and they might also pay you a fee to shop that restaurant.