Keeping Records of Your Pay

Keeping Record of Shop Pay-1When you start to work for mystery shopping companies, you should keep records of which company you work for and the pay rate. This way you have an idea of how much you are due and when you will be paid.

It is important that you know the date you will be paid as you can follow up if you are not paid on time. Also when you file your taxes, accurate files are necessary.

First of all, create a document where you enter in the name of the company and the date you shopped. Keep a record of the websites where you entered the data. Next, keep records on when you get paid and how you will get paid. For instance, some companies use PayPal while others mail a check. Still other mystery hopping companies prefer to do direct deposit in to a bank account. Accurate record keeping will help you to ensure you are paid on time and when and where

Secondly, keep a copy of your records and the receipts to give to your tax preparer. Almost all the things you use to mystery shop can be written off on your taxes. A good tax program will show you which items you can claim. If you can possibly hire an accountant for a few hours, it could be beneficial. After all, you can learn what the tax breaks are for working at home. Record keeping is essential for a good shopper.