Fast Food Shops, Are they Worth It?

Food mystery shopsFast food shops seem to be some of the most common mystery shops available. They are a consistent and easy shops that give you experience. The pay usually includes reimbursement for your food and a little extra. So is it really worth your time?


If you are just getting started in mystery shopping, there is no better way to start than with some simple fast food shops. Most of them are quick and simple with easy reports that require maybe fifteen minutes of your time to complete. There are typically minimal narrative responses with a selection of answers similar to multiple choice questions. You learn how to time things and take quality notes inconspicuously. In addition, the experience provides a little sustenance and some extra cash. One thing is for certain, you probably won’t get rich on fast food shops, although you may become obese.

Once you become a more experienced mystery shopper you can be more selective about the shops you take. The goal is to make a profit, not break even, and certainly not lose money. Waiting to pick up fast food shops late in the month that have bonuses attached because they have fast approaching deadlines is a good strategy. You can also pick up shops that were dropped last minute by another shopper. You may choose to do these shops even without a bonus, simply to build a rapport with the company as a dependable shopper. That is another role of the fast food shop; you can earn the trust of schedulers and get a better shot at higher paying shops in the future.

If you are a college student just looking to eat on a regular basis, fast food shops can be the way to go. You provide the money upfront the first month for shops, and then when you get paid the next month, you use those payments to do more shops. So you are just reinvesting your profits back into the business. This is great for anyone who has hit a rough patch and needs money for food.

When do you say no to a fast food mystery shop? If the pay does not cover the cost of gas to get to the shop and back, decline it. If you cannot keep the commitment, decline it. If the reports are too taxing, requiring multiple narratives just for a burger and fries, decline it. The headache should never outweigh the payoff.