Mystery Shops to Catch Up on Holiday Spending

shutterstock_104071604The New Year is fast approaching or, for some of you, it has just past and now it is the time to assess the financial damages made after those holiday purchases and find ways to make extra money to pay some of those bills.


Mystery shopping jobs are good options for those who need to make extra money.  Most mystery company shops are flexible throughout an individuals’ regular week and can be done before or after a regular job, school, or after you send the children to school.  Many shops only take a couple of hours and you can earn hundreds of dollars.  With just a little effort and time, you can easily catch up on bills incurred over the holidays or start saving for a new nest egg.

There are numerous types of mystery shops that will work with your area of interest and schedule.  You can perform apartment or residential evaluation shops, banking and financial reviews, restaurants jobs, car reviews, shopping at clothing and high-end shops, demonstrating jobs, grocery and auditing shops, and numerous other shops which can be done to make extra money.   Most mystery shopping companies only require you to sign up on their website and you can apply to jobs that fit your skills and schedule.

Most shops are posted on a daily basis and you generally do not have to submit an application.  You only have to sign up and agree to the company’s terms and policies, and the same day, you can find and assign a shop and earn a hundred dollars.  Or sign up for several assignments, and earn money and catch up on all those bills!