Winning Customer Service!

Winning Customer ServiceAs with any job, having a friendly and kind attitude toward your co-workers is always a must to advance your career. With mystery shopping, having a benevolent attitude is no exception to winning customer service representatives to obtain more jobs. In any job, there will always be miscommunication and errors that are committed by you or by customer service representatives.

When these unfortunate errors occur by customer service and causes you to not get paid for a job, this can cause unfriendly feelings to surface and sometimes your communication to your representative can come across as angry emails and that could cause you to lose more potential jobs since you can appear as being difficult or uncooperative. Generally, the customer service representatives often control the issuance of jobs and you want them to remember you as a good and efficient worker.

When unfair situations occur, and they will, remember that is best to just move on and view the loss of a shop as a learning lesson. Remember to always think positively that something better will come along soon. No one wants to deal with an angry or difficult worker, so be the bigger person and be as polite and friendly to your customer service representative as you can.

They really are there to help you complete your job and will help you advance you to a higher level of benevolence and job availability. Now, if some representative seems to be unfair on a shop, remind yourself to take several deep breaths, count to ten, and keep in mind that any negative situation can turned out positive since the representative really just moved you to a higher level of patience.