Staying Organized While Mystery Shopping

Staying Organized While Mystery ShoppingWhen you have been mystery shopping for a while, you will need to stay organized. Being organized means you are able to find files with ease and you have receipts for tax season. If you have a spare bedroom or a den then you have the room to get a filing cabinet and even a larger desk.

However, if space is a premium you can still have well-organized files to maximize your tax refund and have the ability to find all the files you may need. First of all you will need a filing system. So think of what would be easier for you to remember the places and companies you have been mystery shopping for. You could label them alphabetical or by name or date.

Next you will need a set of folders and a method of labeling. Handwritten is fine provided you can write clearly. If needed you could use a label system you can print from your computer. Label each file and put in what corresponds to each file and each mystery shopping job.

Plastic file boxes are easier to transport as they usually have a handle. Plastic file boxes are better than cardboard also because they will not get wet if something liquid is spilled on it. The newer boxes can hold up to 50 files and you can even get a separator so you can have your personal files as well as you mystery shopping files. Over all, your cost for these materials should run under fifty dollars and you will find you are better off than you were before after you made this small investment.