Time Share Mystery Shopping

Time Share Mystery ShoppingPerhaps you remember when time-shares came in to the picture. Today they are still around, and there are time-shares around the country. Mystery shoppers would be able to find one near to where there is a major attraction or metropolitan city.

Time-shares are for people who rent a block of time usually days to stay in a hotel or villa. People pay an initial fee. Afterwards they are required to block or choose a segment of time in the beginning of the year. Vacation spots can be in high attraction areas such as Disney World or even a great Golf community for adults.

The companies who sell the timeshares sometimes ask mystery shoppers to attend a meeting to see the presentation. Like any other shop, the mystery shopper needs to be objective and tell what they see. The presenter will try to see the package but the shopper is not required to buy into the program.

The fun part of the assignment is the gifts you will get as the salesperson tries to get you to buy. So besides your pay, you could possibly get gift certificates for two at a restaurant or a certificate for drinks. Sometimes the presenter will even give you cash.

If you are signed up with mystery shopping companies, you may get a chance to do a time-share shop. You should take the assignment. It could be a learning experience as well as good pay. You may even decide to buy a time-share and have a place to vacation in the coming year.