How A Great Close Can Open A New Door

a good close opens a new doorIt’s important to listen closely to closing techniques used by Leasing Professionals when you mystery apartment shop. Since this is such an important part of their job, make sure you report on the many “closes” they use, including assumptive, indirect, time-sensitive and direct closes.

The agent that uses a natural approach can be very smooth when essentially asking for your business; they may begin early in the presentation and use an assumptive close when referring to the apartment or certain features as “yours” when asking you for your opinion. When the Leasing Professional uses an indirect close he/she may ask you “yes”/”no” questions like, “Do you like the apartment?” or “Will this work for you?” Be sure to pay close attention; a time sensitive close may attempt to tell you there are just a few apartments available or there is a rent special or discount for a limited period of time and is meant to emphasize that you need to make a decision. And last but not leas(ed), you will most certainly be asked to complete an application or leave a deposit to lease the apartment; this is what is commonly known as a direct close.

When submitting your mystery apartment shop report, make sure you detail these closes in order for the agent to get full credit for their sales efforts. Remember, a Leasing Professional’s great close may open a door to a potential renter!