Mystery Apartment Shopping is Educational

educational shoppingI became educated in Mystery Apartment Shopping through EPMS and they’re proven methods that work. My knowledge of mystery apartment shopping came in very handy when we decided to downsize and move to an apartment. I had a much better understanding of the process and it made our search much easier. As a shopper, I have a keen insight in regard to the Leasing Professional; if their job is performed properly, the potential renter gets the most out of their initial telephone call and on-site visit. When searching for an apartment home, specific needs must be clearly stated so the agent can spend vital time on matching needs to the community.

When mystery shopping I make my inquiries according to EPMS shop instructions and provide every opportunity for the Leasing Professional to respond. I watch for key signs and observe the agent walk me through the process of leasing the apartment. If you follow all the instructions and complete all sections of the report, your telephone call and onsite visit will tell a story. This input provides management companies the type of information they need to ensure their agents are following protocol and leasing apartments to potential renters that visit their communities.

Video/Audio mystery apartment shopping for EPMS adds a whole new dimension to the shop. The results are fantastic if you capture the entire picture and sound without drawing attention to what you are trying to accomplish. This is developed with practice, becoming familiar with your equipment and paying careful attention when you are learning the art of maintaining a good, clear picture of your subject no matter whether they are sitting or standing.