Dressing The Part

Dressing The PartApartment shopping is one of the most important mystery shops for everyone to do. After all, we all need to a place to live. Shoppers help to review the apartments for people who are about to rent.

Shoppers play an import role as it is important people know they are renting in a safe clean place.

In fact, apartment shopping can be also one of the most complex shops that an evaluator may do. It can also be rewarding for the good shopper. So keep in mind the effort you put in will be compensated.

Dressing the part will help your frame of mind and help you to keep focused to your job at hand. Most apartment communities are in what is termed “good areas”. Try to dress in business casual and try not to dress in sweats, uniforms or ripped jeans. Remember most people will dress well to make a good impression on a prospective landlord. You also don’t want to bring extra scrutiny to you.

A little effort will go a long way. If you can find some khakis and a nice polo shirt that will suffice. Women can even pair a polo shirt with a skirt. Keep comfortable and look good it will help your cover as mystery shopper. Effort is required to play the part when you are touring the apartment complex. Being alert and being comfortable help you to make observations necessary for a more accurate shop.