What Type of Equipment Do I Need To Mystery Shop?

What Type of equipment do I need to mystery shopWhen looking for work, you might have run across ads about mystery shopping jobs on several websites and wondered if this employment might work with your scheduling.  But you might also think, what type of equipment would you need to work for some of these companies?

Most mystery shopping jobs require basic equipment and typically require access to the Internet to navigate to the various websites or to check for daily computer jobs.  Other basic items include a telephone, and writing materials.  Other optional equipment include a digital camera or scanner and a xerox machine which can be valuable assets since they could save you money since xerox copies or having someone scan and upload a document can become costly.

If you are doing jobs that require typing an evaluation, then ensure you have a Spell Check system on your computer so you can review your work for all spelling errors.  If your system does not have a Spell Check option, you can cut and paste your report onto numerous free Spell Check websites on the Internet.  Of course, Spell Check can never replace a proper reading of your work, so ensure that you spend appropriate time and read your report several times to ensure the right words and grammar are used and it is in the proper format for the company.

Other basic mystery shopping tools include a Paypal or bank account, since many companies are set up to electronically send payments to a Paypal or bank account.  Still, other companies only use checks so having a bank account or knowing where to cash a check can prove invaluable in getting your money paid timely.

Elisa E.