How to Deal With Customer Service Problems

Should I Rent An Apartment, Multi-plex, Condo, or a HomeWith any job, you can always anticipate customer service problems might occur and mystery shopping is no exception. Sometimes you and a company staff member might have a lack of miscommunication or they just might be uncooperative or difficult.

If you have any problems with customer service, first politely ask the company employee if this could be resolved since you love working for their company and hope to resolve this quickly. If that doesn’t work and you still feel you are right, then you should not let your emotions quickly control you and do not type a quick return email response to this employee when you are upset. Normally, when someone is upset and types a response immediately after receiving an email, it often sounds worse in writing and the employee might be even more difficult. Remember, to take some time away from the computer to think about the situation and know which battles to fight and which ones to avoid.

As a general rule, if you like the company and make good money, try to just take the high road and walk away from the dispute.  Sometimes it is difficult to walk away from customer service problems when they involve loss of money and you believe you were not wrong. If it is a small amount of money, it is usually best to walk away if the staff employee is being difficult since they can sometimes retaliate and cause you to lose jobs.

Remember, try to choose those disputes that just involve large amounts of money and you are absolutely sure you should be paid, otherwise, you might lose jobs with that company and do not forget, to always be kind and polite.

Elisa E.